Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meal for today

I need to dig deep in the Word today. I have been meditating on a specific book in the Word (Hebrews mainly).

Lets dig it:

1. Soup with green peas, chicken, and veggies
2. Peanut butter whole grain muffin sandwich
3. Eggs and turkey bacon

1. Kale salad
2. Banana
3. Two mandarines

1. Not sure yet

For the Word:
1. Hebrews 6:4
Once you know the word of God and decide its not for you, it will be difficult to get back to repentance with such a mindset. Its as though they keep crucifying Jesus over and over again.

1. I find myself lusting all over again. Its bad. And it doesn't help when you chat it up with co-workers about it. Before it wasn't a big deal, but now I repent. I shouldn't judge men based on such shallow qualities like their outer appearance. Especially my brothers in Christ.
2. I need to discipline myself, in addition to working out but speaking life. I do NOT want to get back in the same mindset of foolishness.

Dear Lord,
I rebuke all thoughts of unrighteousness out of my system in Jesus name. I burn such thoughts in the lake of FIRE! Lord, I pray that YOU are on the pedestal of my heart. YOU are the one who has my eyes. YOU are the one who has my attention. Lord I pray for grace and reassurance in this new MINDSET! I know that this is a daily, moment to moment persevering walk. I pray for you conviction in my heart and the BOLDNESS to change.
In Jesus NAME, AMEN.

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