Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Time waits for no one

In the midst of being in a fast paced environment, Lynn finds herself in a frenzy. A frenzy for what? To find the perfect career? To marry the amazing man? To cook the blazingly appetizing dinner? She, and like many women her age, yearn for more.

But seriously, who am I kidding? I sometimes feel like I am alone in this thing called life. Yet, I find myself reminding myself that I am truly not alone. Alone was when I was 21 or 22, foolishly finding myself in my bedroom dying to my true self. I did not know what pleased me. Or what would make me happy. I would cry for the notion of being misunderstood. Or cry because I knew that I couldn't live a life just to please my own yearnings. It seems pretty animalistic to me.

And here I am again. Three years later and for some reason I know I have moved significantly further in my life. Career wise, I have completely changed. It seems like I stopped caring about what people thought and started listening to my own self. I actually started caring about my own feelings versus what I would look like amongst my peers. Because really, I probably will only see these people over social media and thats it.

There are people trying to come out the woodwork of my past. I'm like, "NO YOU SLIMY LITTLE BUMBAWEIRDOS" and stuff them right back in the cracks of my memories. Nevertheless, I know that this can only work for so long. People know each other. Circles get smaller and smaller the older you get. You tend to cling closer to your relatives because they are the most familiar things since sliced bread!

How I miss the beginning months of undergrad. So young. Fresh. And new.

Now, seasoned in this thing called life, I know that things are only cooking up.