Monday, March 4, 2013


I had a dream the other night. It wasn't like my normal dreams because of the intense imagery and feelings associated with it.

Scene 1: I'm walking by the water and stand in awe of it.  At first, I'm on pavement near my street in SF. Then I see this huge tidal wave coming towards me. At first, I'm thinking, "Oh its cool" but next thing I know, its building up in speed and momentum. It gets bigger and bigger. Then all of a sudden it collapses, but not on me. It collapses behind this window that I'm behind. I literally am in awe because everything outside is devoured by this tidal wave but I'm protected by this glass divider.
Scene 2: After the water incident I'm in this beautiful field. It's night time at this point and everything is glittery and pretty. I'm walking through the grass and look up and see the most beautiful sky. The stars and the shading of the sky was all these purples and blues. It was beautiful. I felt at ease.

I'm not sure what this dream means, but thats all I can remember from two days ago. I thought I would dream of it again since it was so deep but I guess not.

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