Sunday, January 6, 2013

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path

This pathway at Stanford is gorgeous...
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path...
I chose the image above because I thought this pathway was absolutely breathe taking. The red and gray tile pathway to the ornate pillars, alongside the white lamps are beautiful. To me, this seemed like the perfect shot to reflect on the narrow and straight path that only a few are able to walk through. Kind of reminded me that only the great individuals of God can ever see such a pathway and actually walk through it. Thank God for mercy because who is great?

Meditating on today's scripture was a bit of a challenge because the instructions in the "A Path Through Mighty Waters" was to not repeat the scripture over and over (which I actually did, because I wasn't sure what else to do...I mean, I switched it up a bit by saying, "Father", or "Daddy" in my prayer) but know the God behind the verse. I'm still trying to understand what that actually means. To me, it seems as though I have to ingrain new pathways through my mind in this meditation process. I'm trying to force my thoughts to obey Christ.

Its difficult because, in this day and age we are so distracted by technology: iphones, facebook, twitter, movies, television, etc. It's as though there is no time for God. I believe the only time people place God to the priority list is when they need something. Somehow, I have come to this conclusion that what if we are given everything we want and need? There would still be a longing, an unfulfillment in our hearts that needs to be filled up.  But what would it be though if you have absolutely everything? Obviously its Christ that is yanking your heart, asking you to come on and have dinner with Him.

Right now in my walk, I'm just trying to push day by day. There is no fulfillment in my degree, my relationships, or even myself. The heart is fickle and changes constantly. The only thing that remains constant is Christ and His Word. His promises of love, security, acceptance, grace, and mercy. There is nothing like the Father of lights where there is no shifting of variation. HE is Alpha and THE Omega. The beginning and the end!

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