Thursday, January 10, 2013

Girl, you got your guard up!


Dear Lord,

I bless your mighty magnificent name! You are the king of kings and lord of lords. You deserve the glory and honor! Father you are SO amazing. The way you knock down the scales in my eyes this evening, means so much to me. Lord, I pray that you continue to show yourself true through every situation. Father, you ALWAYS lead a path through the mighty waters. Thank you for revelation and insight. You are so merciful Lord. Thank you Lord.

I just want to thank you for showing me tonight that you can open discernment in my heart in regard to love. That people will try in their power to ignore you but Lord you will be praised at the end of the day. Father you make it clear in your word that people cannot serve money and other idols. You are the creator of all things so how dare we not pay your homage!

Father, I'm grateful that you have ripped off the bondage of my used to be sins that I can see right through the accuser. That Father, I know who I AM in YOU! I KNOW that I am a daughter of the MOST HIGH GOD!

Lord, I pray that NEXT TIME that I will not spend my time on fools who do not know you but to get engulfed in your Word. That YOU are the only thing I desire. You are the only one I want to plead forever and ever.

Lord, I'm confident in your power.

In Jesus name,


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