Sunday, December 16, 2012

To live is Christ, Christ alone

After watching Francis Chan's sermon on "Whats So Great About Jesus," I did not expect to be completely moved at the end of the sermon. I'm actually very sick to my stomach thinking about these three men he mentioned from Turkey. These men were followers of Christ to the end. They believed in the saving power of Christ, His Word, and His Power! I cannot fathom how these men held on for three hours of complete torture from the hands of the Muslim men who mutilated their bodies. Christ alone...Christ alone!

The surprising thing about this was how Francis stated stated a question of whether or not these guys thought that it was worth it to bear all of what happened? Now that they are in heaven, do you think a year from now, 100 years from now, a million years from now, would still say it was worth it? And for the CROWN of suffering for Christ?

My God. This isn't some milk - this is pure raw meat. This is so hard to God...I cannot even wrap my mind around this. There are plenty of people who are suffering and dying for the message of Christ's saving power...its impeccable that as Christians, we think of where we are now...but can we say that we want to SUFFER for the Gospel? We think that suffering is dealing with someone not agreeing to Christ's doctrine but the men in Turkey SUFFERED physically while watching their friends suffer in front of them. ONLY CHRIST ALONE can offer such solace and peace. My GOD. MY GOD. He is SO WORTHY TO BE PRAISED.

How dare we not even thank HIM in the morning? He has BLESSED us tremendously with life.  God never said that life will not have trials or tribulations...thats not what being a Christian is about. Its knowing that Christ is with you always. HIS saving power. HIS EVERLASTING LOVE. My God.!

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