Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Broken Hearts

I need to go to the mender of broken hearts.

Two days ago, I decided to clear the air with a young man I have been dating/friends with about where we were going with this. He said he didn't see us compatible and thus, reasoned to not bring anything up. As commendable as that is, it is not of we act all "friendly" together (I.e. confiding with each other about life to doing favors for each other). After the phonecall, I went to sleep, first thanking God that the ambiguity in the air is clear but two, not spend ANY MORE TIME with a random...even IF he is Christian.

Well, then I went to school and low and behold, stressed out left and right. Perhaps to the point of contemplating my life of "how I got here?" and "do you really want to be in grad school?"

Hah! Before the study session ended I called my mentor and told her I was so overwhelmed by this crap.

You know, I know the devil is having a frenzy seeing me freak out. I am just tired of FEELING so hurt and torn inside.

I'm like,"Lord where are you?"

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