Friday, July 20, 2012

Motives: Men and women cannot be friends. Sorry.

Do you remember being a little girl in the playground, running around the cement parking lot pavement playing tag?  I do. I remember that the school building was the "safe haven" from the perpetrator trying to tag us "IT". I suppose it was easier back then where you could snicker and throw sand in your crushes face while secretly hoping they could see beyond your rude actions that perhaps, they see you as a possible love.
Dawson & Joey...clearly you just can't be "friends".

However, this is the real world.  We live in a world where, acting like an immature adult is not only a turn-off, but truly shows how much you have not grown.  Have you ever seen the 40 year old men wanting to date the 21 year old women? Besides the age difference and the huge possibility that the old man just wants a youthful face around him, it is quite common that this man might be dealing with some internal drama: i.e. crazy divorce. That divorce just might be a result from his selfish ways and lets not forget the ex-wife's contributions.  I'm just stating for the sake of the argument, that men who date women who are significantly younger than them are either dealing with: anxiety of their age, depression because they may not feel attractive as they age, and resentment toward women their age who might view themselves superior.

Either way, lets face it, people are insecure.  People will try to boost themselves up anyway possible.  You just have to be conscious of people's motives.  Sometimes its good and many times can be bad.

For instance, I have an amazing friend named Jacob who is very handsome, athletic, and intelligent.  He didn't get into his new found "sexy" until junior year of college.  Now, a recent grad who will be attending graduate school in the fall, he has gotten massive amount of text messages, e-mails, and phone calls from various women wanting to date him.  Unfortunately, my dear friend is naive. He believes these women want to be his "Friend" but lets be frank: No woman will EVER step up to a man unless, unless, she was interested.  Point-blank.  Or when she needs something.

And that something is really "someone" who is stable and nice.  That he is. Moreover, he just seemed so nascent in regard to this new treatment. I mean, you're an attractive young man that is having problems distinguishing between a friend and a possible love.  There should be no ambiguity. Things are clear in the first 5 minutes of conversation: you can simply tell if someone is interested in you in the slightest if they keep entertaining the conversation. We could argue that this is social psychology or just realness.

Well, dear Jacob is now having issues with groping the fact that men and women cannot truly be friends.  And that makes me question his thoughts: maybe he thinks we aren't friends, or that possibly he thinks I might be interested in more. Well good!  I need this man to take a hint. #shakeshead

Anyways, thats the end of my hypothetical statements and what-if's.

What you should get out of it is this: people have motives.  Women who approach men are as malicious as you think [well not malicious but they have a plan!]. And men should not be so naive.  OH OH and men and women cannot be friends!

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