Sunday, July 1, 2012

The cliche that is more than that...God is good

Pastor Benjamin (PB) preached on: God is good.

Apparently, in the Hebrew language, there is no superlative greater than "good" (tov).  However, in the English language we have "great", "excellent", among others. Now, I understand this cliche has been overused in the black baptist churches, [insert grandmother's voice] "God is GOOD ALL THE TIME," but PB reflected on the story of Moses.

Moses was low-key having an anxiety attack before the Lord (Exodus 33:12-13). Well, I think he was feeling a bit insecure about his position in leading the Israelites.  Anyway, he was very self-conscious, however, God was very pleased with Moses (v. 17).

Great thing about Moses was that he asked God to show him His glory.  Asking God to see His glory shed light on where his confidence came from.  Moses' confidence did not come from, what people said, but simply witnessing and becoming aware of God's glory.  When God shows you His glory, He will show you His goodness that you could not imagine!  Seeing God's glory would kill you but as we can see, Moses was hidden behind a cleft of a rock.  Now, realize that now, our Rock is Jesus Christ. We can count on God coming closer to us as we draw closer to Jesus Christ.

Anyway, you cannot believe in a good God and believe in everything around you is going terrible.  You have to be excellent at the place you are at now so that God can lift you up.

"I am sill confidant of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

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