Friday, June 29, 2012

Purpose as a young woman

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever -- do not abandon the works of your hands.

I am just a young woman trying to get a grasp of the world around me.  I am trying to get my feet wet while not being dismayed by life's troubled situations. I am also learning that it does make a difference in what impressions you leave on people.  It really does.  But I also remember that God has the final say in everything.  He is the sustainer of life and He can truly make things happen if you follow suit to what His commands are. 

Today I almost wanted to curl up in a ball when I found out about how everyone, despite living in different coasts, will know each other.  That connections are important.  The fact is, right now, I'm trying to get into a program and realize that people do know each other.  Its important to be respectful and professional. 

It's funny - I feel like an old woman: the things I know today, I wish I knew yesterday. 

Seems like the story of my life.  It's like, I asked God to grant me patience, wisdom, and understanding...right now I'm wondering, what is the wisest thing to do right now? All I can think of is be honest. I don't want to fluff anything up, but truly be myself.

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