Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop being lazy and get back on it!

I realize that I always start things and never finish them, i.e.:
1. Lent: 40-day fast that ended after day two.
2. Working out: I spent $140 for a gym membership for three months...why am I being so lazy?
3. Eating right: I must eat M&M's everyday at work...its insane.
4. Studying the Word: I DO read the Word, but I tend to change it up, either early morning or late in the evening.  Either way, I'm too tired or too exhausted.
5. Studying Math Stuff: Well, so far, I've been practicing a lot of my old mathematics subjects to sharpen up for a lot of the programming I've been doing for work. I want to make sure I am sharp!

I'm not sure how I will fix all this but I will have to make a schedule.

Okay first thing first:

1. Lent - Requires prayer and thought.
2. Working Out: I'll start doing cardio (i.e. Elliptical : 45 minutes or Treadmill, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups - urghhhh!, Weights (yay!))
3. Eating right: Well, I started eating oatmeal in the I'll get better with the afternoon and dinner food.
4. Studying the Word: I think mid-day readings will help a lot. I'm more focused and able to internalize more when I'm most awake!
5. Math Stuff: Welp - I'll be doing this once I leave work.  I'll probably do this before working out at the gym.


I'll keep on keeping on. 

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